And the best-designed newspaper in the world is…

… I can’t decide. I like them all.

Today, the Society for News Design announced the five newspapers named as the winners in its 34th World’s Best-Designed Newspapers contest. The papers are:

• Dagens Nyheter (Stockholm, Sweden)
• Die Zeit (Hamburg, Germany)
• The Grid (Toronto, Canada)
• Politiken (Copenhagen, Denmark)
• Welt am Sonntag (Berlin, Germany)

No U.S. newspapers in this list, you’ll notice. And Canada helped block a clean sweep for Europe. Here’s what the judges had to say:

It’s disheartening to see so many American newspapers that, after decades of discussion and education, still pay little or no attention to inside pages. Publications that spend a great amount of time finessing their covers but treat their inside pages like vessels to fill with commodity news until they’re full to the top are missing the point and the opportunity to be relevant.

I think this is fair criticism. Looking at the designs from the winners (many of them inside pages, too), you can see the thought that goes into the work — and it blows many of the U.S. papers out of the water. And, as the judges say in their announcement, it’s the details that set these papers apart.

In the five publications we selected, details elevated them from their peers. In these papers, every page counts.

Anyway, if I have to pick a favorite, I’m going to go with The Grid, which also was in SND’s top five last year.

I love how simple the overall look is, but I especially love the small touches of personality that bleeds through the publication. Also, the paper seems to use a lot of white space, circles and arrows — and I love all of these things.

Take a look at SND’s slideshow of images from the winners and see which newspaper you like best. Let me know your thoughts.

UPDATE: I did some digging and found this article written by The Grid’s communications officer, Jessica Napier. She does a good job of explaining the publication’s vision, mission, approach, etc. Check it out.

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