10 steps to refocus campaign coverage on citizens

Reading: PressThink, “The Citizens Agenda in Campaign Coverage

One reason why election reporting is so terrible is because journalists frame the narrative as a race. Who’s up? Who’s surging? Who stumbled? Who has a track record of winning? Who is winning the most donors? Who has endorsed whom? Who won the last debate?

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What is innovation?

Kathleen Carroll, executive editor of the Associated Press, was the speaker in Studio One today. She talked about how the AP has worked throughout history to adapt to new technology and changing audience habits.

She also said something really interesting:

“Innovation is the thing that gets you from creativity to execution.”

This simple-yet-obvious definition is important to remember.

Studio One: Week 4 readings

Discovering the News (chapter 1)

Summary: Modern journalism can trace its roots to the 1830s, a transformative time that saw the democratization of politics, the expansion of a market economy, and the growth of the middle class. This transformation created “news” as we now know it: straightforward reports of the activities of middle-class society. Before this, newspapers served the elite — political parties and merchants — so their content generally consisted of political editorials, national politics, and shipping information. But the rise of the penny papers, built on large circulation and advertising, pushed news toward independence, ordinary events, and local affairs.

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Post-Industrial Journalism: Introduction

Reading: Post-Industrial Journalism: Adapting to the Present, introduction

Overview: This 2012 report from Columbia Journalism School outlines the current state of the journalism industry and where things are heading. C.W. Anderson, Emily Bell, and Clay Shirky examine the new opportunities available to journalists and news organizations.

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